Problem Reading blob field

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Problem Reading blob field

Post by Guest » Wed 08 Jun 2005 17:42

I am having troubles reading data from a Blob field on a Query.

The following test code excutes, the first three lines do as they should, the actually Read method of the blob acts like Write though.

TBlob *Test = m_pQry->GetBlob("Pins"); // Works
AnsiString test = m_pQry->FieldByName("Pins")->AsString; // Works
m_pQry->GetBlob("Pins")->SaveToFile("c:\Test.txt"); // Works
iBytes = Test->Read(0, 1000, m_pPinBlob); // Sets size of blob to 1000 blanks it (as if its doing a write)

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Post by Ikar » Thu 09 Jun 2005 12:41

It seems you use the old version. Please download the last SDAC build (

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