aliases in TMSQuery - where I can find TCRFieldDesc type ?

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aliases in TMSQuery - where I can find TCRFieldDesc type ?

Post by mfg » Sun 28 Dec 2008 00:05

I'd like to get information about aliases, origns in my TMSQuery.
In previous thread (Retrieve correct table alias) I found information that I should use
FieldDesc := TCRFieldDesc(msQuery1.GetFieldDesc(msQuery1.Fields)),
but when I try to use TCRFieldDesc I get an error message 'Undeclared identifier'. Could you tell me what sdac unit should I use or maybe there is a diffrent way to get information what aliases, origins i use in my TMSQuery ?
I can't find this information in SDAC help files or even google :)

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Post by Dimon » Mon 29 Dec 2008 15:04

The TCRFieldDesc class is declared in the CRAccess.pas unit.

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