Urgent- Issue using Compact Edition

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Urgent- Issue using Compact Edition

Post by ccmcbride » Sat 06 Dec 2008 02:17

I have a situation where I am changing a connection from a regular .mdf table to a .sdf connection, then back to the regular connection.

I have set the provider to prAuto.
In my code, I use first a standard connection string, then close the connection, change the connection string to the one in the compact Edition Demo, then change it back to my standard connection string.

It works on the first connection, and it works on the second connection, but when I change if from a compact connection string to a regular connection string, it no longer works.

I have to manually change the provider back to prAuto, and one of the options (don't know which one, can't map it to a property) still stays as cv35, vs cvAuto.

I have multiple connections and Datamodules in my main application. I am trying to use the same connections and data modules in a 'light' version, using Compact edition, so I changed the connection string so that when I am running against a local database, to include the Temp File Directory parameter. I am getting an error on the connection 'Parameter name is unknown'.

I know there is a separate, CompactConnection component, but is there a way to use the standard one, since that is what all my table/query components are pointing to?
Also, using the compactconnection, I set the temp file directory option, but looking at the compact database in management studio, I'm not seeing a tempdb, and doing a 'insert into ##t1 select * from code' in the management studio returns error 'The specified table does not exist ##t1'. Am I missing something?

Another 'thing' (don't know where the issue lies yet)
In my main application, I can open my tables just fine.
In the mobile app, when I open the same table, using the same connection (except now I am opening it with the CompactConnectionString), I get errors :
Type mismatch for [field]. Expecting String actual WideString
I suspect it has something to do with the connection settings...

MSSQL Server 10.00.1600
Native Client : 10.0.1600.22
Compact 3.50
Delphi : 2007

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Post by Dimon » Fri 12 Dec 2008 15:08

I could not reproduce the problem. Please try to compose a complete sample to demonstrate the problem and send it to me.

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