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SQLServer 2005, GetServerList()

Posted: Fri 27 May 2005 16:43
by Bagieta
I'm testing SQLServer 2005 (SQLExpress). Everything is fine apart one thing.
When I call
Call of this method takes me about 15 seconds. Unfortunately it doesn't return any Server in the list. The list is empty.
I understand that it doesn't fully support the new MSSQL edition, but the trouble is that I cannot make this method call shorter.
I have tried to set ConnectionTimeout for shorter time but it didn't help.
How can I do it to search for database server shorter thatn 15 sec?


Posted: Mon 30 May 2005 08:52
by Ikar
Now we couldn't suggest you anything exact. Probably after release the next public beta of the server we could advise something else.