ADO RecordSet property.

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ADO RecordSet property.

Post by SpeedyC » Tue 22 Jul 2008 11:18


Trying to convert an application that currently using ADO components to SDAC, I encounter problems on that we have a third party component that returns an ADO recordset and I directly load it into a TADOQuery like:


My idea was that you could use the TVirtualTable instead but the help is a bit vague to me at least.

TVirtualTable.LoadFromFile states that it can load a XML document in ADO compatible format. Is there any example on doing this?

There will also be an upcoming task for me to transfer data returned from a Query to a ADO recordset in the third party component stated previously.

I would greatly appreciate any information on converting ADO recordsets SDAC.

Peter Grahm

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Post by Antaeus » Wed 23 Jul 2008 06:54

You can find an example that demonstrates working with TVirtualTable within SDAC demo projects (SDAC_Inst_Dir\Demos\Win32\SdacDemo\). Open the SdacDemo.dpr, build it and select the VirtualTable item in the tree.
Data from SDAC datasets can be saved to ADO-compatible XML file, and then loaded with ADO components.
There is no way to transfer data directly between recordsets of ADO and SDAC datasets.

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