Create a Custom SQL DB Provider in C# Using CoreLab.Sdac API

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Create a Custom SQL DB Provider in C# Using CoreLab.Sdac API

Post by nabendu.misra » Wed 09 Jul 2008 11:42

Can I be helped on the following POC:-

Currently when connecting to a SQL SERVER 2005 through any kind of application (.NET) Web / Windows, we utilize the following Provider


The Sql DB Provider is "System.Data.SqlClient" provided as a part of .NET by Microsoft.

Now It is claimed here that SDAC is faster than the aforesaid as it utilizes only OLEDB (please correct me if wrong).

Therefore, I would like to build a Custom DB Provider in C# which utilizes SDAC core API (which I believe are the classes available within the CoreLab.SDac of the CoreLab.SDac.dll). Is it possible to build a C# wrapper over this DLL and come up with a Custom SQL DB provider which is faster than "System.Data.SqlClient"

Kindly help me / refer me to some sample resources in building a .NET library in C# utilizing SDAC.


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Post by Antaeus » Fri 11 Jul 2008 11:32

We have no such samples for C#. There are only samples in Delphi available (e.g. WinForms demo, ASPNet demo).
SDAC is really working through OLE DB provider, but we can not guarantee that SDAC will work faster than the provider implemented in System.Data.SqlClient. We have never compared their performance.

Note, our license agreement does not allow building any other components with use of SDAC for public distribution or commercial sale.

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