TMSQuery.Active := False is slow

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TMSQuery.Active := False is slow

Post by djb » Fri 13 Jun 2008 02:48

I have a query where I’m selecting 2000 records. The query runs fine, and a delay can be expected, but when I close it by setting TMSQuery.Active := False, there is a noticeable (~4 second) delay.

Is there any option I should be aware of that would cause a delay like this when closing the query?

I’m running version for Delphi 2007 Win32 VCL Edition.


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Post by Antaeus » Thu 19 Jun 2008 06:40

I could not reproduce the problem.
Please send us a complete small sample at sdac*crlab*com to demonstrate it, including script to create and fill table(s). Also specify the exact version of SQL server and client. You can see it in the Info sheet of TMSConnection Editor.

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