New SDAC version 4.50 compatible with UniDAC released!

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New SDAC version 4.50 compatible with UniDAC released!

Post by Antaeus » Fri 23 May 2008 14:28

Dear users,

Core Lab team is glad to announce a release of the new SDAC version 4.50.
This version of SDAC is compatible with our recently released Universal Data Access Components - UniDAC. Also this version improves functionality for record locking.

More information on SDAC below:
  • Added compatibility with UniDAC
  • Improved support of default field values
  • Added ability to specify key fields for a dataset
  • Added support of automatic records locking
  • Added an option for setting lock wait timeout
  • Improved functionality of getting local SQL Server instance names
  • Added ability to manage field types creation for the NTEXT data type in BDS 2006 and higher
  • Fixed bug with change notifications for queries with macros
  • Fixed bug with invalid class type cast in SDAC Trial Edition
  • Fixed bug with multiple connections to SQL Server Compact Edition
  • Fixed bug with compressing BLOB values
Core Lab development team