Server authentication

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Server authentication

Post by Asliakar » Tue 10 May 2005 14:48


I am using SDAC sith Delphi 6+ SP2. On an XP machine. SQL Server 7.0 on a remote machine.

My problem is :- When i intend to use windows authentication, everything is fine, no problem.. But if i switch "Authentication" to "auServer", my project continues with the Windows authentication. On debug, if i make MSConnection.Connected := true; then a login prompt appears :- the server authentication starts... But in runtime, no login prompt appears (LoginPrompt parameter is True - the server and database name are entered.)

And, When i click the connect button in runtime, the program connects using Windows Auth.

Even i have written a very small debuggine application, the result did not change.

So, what do you recommend? what i am doing wrong?


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Post by Ikar » Tue 10 May 2005 14:52

Try to download SDAC last version ( If problem persists then send us complete small sample to demonstrate it.

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