sdac and FastReports 3.12

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Manel Castro
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sdac and FastReports 3.12

Post by Manel Castro » Thu 05 May 2005 09:24

I have FastReports 3.12 and sdac with Delphi7.
After installing the dclfrxSDAC7 package and try to compile FastReport with Sdac demo, i have this error:

"Unit frxSDACComponents was compiled with a different version of frxClass.TfrxComponent"

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance :)

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Post by Ikar » Thu 05 May 2005 15:19

Most likely you compiled frxSDACComponents and then updated FastReport.
Delete all frxSDAC*.dcu files from your HDD and then recompile frxSDAC once more.


Post by Guest » Fri 06 May 2005 10:00

Hi Ikar,

1. I have deleted all .dcu files.
2. I have compiled again the packages frxSDAC7 and dclfrxSDAC7.
3. I have installed the dclfrxSDAC7.
4. I have tried to compile the sdac fastreport demo and...

the problem persists... :(

the error is the same one...

Manel Castro
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Post by Manel Castro » Fri 06 May 2005 12:40


After uninstaling the FastReports and Sdac and make the
complete process one more time... all is ok... :)

Thank you Ikar...
I'm sorry...

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