Samples that use LocateEx inside a TMemDataset

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Samples that use LocateEx inside a TMemDataset

Post by toxedo » Fri 22 Feb 2008 19:46

I worked with the demo four the last 5 days and today I order the professionnal version of SQL SDAC. Unfortunately, I cannot find any samples or demo that use the LocateEx method. My application is not a visual one and I want to read the records from a Memory Dataset without Grid or any other datasource. Because there is no more examples in the PDF documentation, could you tell me where I can find some sample codes that do record manipulation inside a TMemDataSet?


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Post by Plash » Tue 26 Feb 2008 10:03

You can find an example of using Locate method in SdacDemo\VirtualTable.

To read a data from the dataset you can use a code like the following:

Code: Select all

  while not MSQuery.Eof do begin
    i := MSQuery.FieldByName('F1').AsInteger;
    s := MSQuery.FieldByName('F2').AsString;

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