Converting from BDE to SDAC speed problems

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Converting from BDE to SDAC speed problems

Post by laegteskov » Sat 24 Nov 2007 22:31

I have just converted a Delphi-program (an analysis program with a lot of database activity) from BDE to SDAC and interestingly enough the speed did go down. I timed the report generating tool and this is the times I found:

With BDE: 6:26 mins
After converting to SDAC: 8:22 mins

I'm convinced that the SDAC is faster than the BDE with ODBC and I'm sure that the code in the program is poorly optimized. Anywhere I could I set FetchAll=False and this gave me a new time:

After converting to SDAC with FetchAll=False: 7:09 mins (-1:13)

The question is how I can setup the SDAC to gain the last 43 secs or possible more.
How does the standard TQuery (with no other properties set) differ from the standard TMSQuery?

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Post by Antaeus » Mon 26 Nov 2007 15:43

You can try to change value of the TMSQuery.CursorType. You can also take a look at the "Increasing performance" topic in the SDAC help.

Could you describe your test case in more details, or send us a complete small sample that demonstrates this performance difference? Also include a script to create server objects, and fill tables with generated data. You can send to this e-mail: sdac*crlab*com.

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