Update Error of SQLUpdate

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Update Error of SQLUpdate

Post by roykty » Thu 11 Oct 2007 02:07

I use delphi 5.0 and use version 08.06.04 of SDAC
and I use SQL Server 2000
After I insert the SQLUpdate in the TTable, the program hang(have not any error msg) and have not any reaction.

The following is part of my code :
mtTable.SQLUpdate.Add(UPDATE table SET field1=:field1, field2=:field2 WHERE fID=:fID);

mtTable.FieldByName('field1').AsString := 'abc';
mtTable.FieldByName('field2').AsString := '456';

the program hang when running mtTable.Post();

What may be the reason cause this problem?

Thx for your help.


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Post by roykty » Thu 11 Oct 2007 02:40

Moreover, I add a condition for the Table
mtTable.FilterSQL := 'fID = 1719'
mtTable.Active := true;

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Post by Antaeus » Thu 11 Oct 2007 14:13

There can be different reasons for this problem. Please send me a complete small sample at sdac*crlab*com to demonstrate it, including script to create and fill table.

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