The final release of SQL Server Data Access Components version 4.30 available!

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The final release of SQL Server Data Access Components version 4.30 available!

Post by Antaeus » Fri 28 Sep 2007 14:47

Dear users,

Core Lab team is glad to announce the final release of the new SDAC version 4.30.
Along with all features available in the beta, the SDAC 4.30 Final includes support for the new development environment from CodeGear - CodeGear RAD Studio 2007.

More information on SDAC below.

New features:
  • CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 supported
  • Added enhanced support for User-defined Types of SQL Server
  • Added support for distributed transactions with the new TMSTransaction component
  • Added support for Query Notifications with the new TMSChangeNotification component
  • Improved support for SQL Server Compact Edition with the new TMSCompactConnection component
  • Added support for getting results from queries with the FOR XML clause in readable view
  • Added ability to lock records and tables
  • TMSMetaData is enhanced with more schema row sets
  • Added support for connection encryption without certificate validation
  • Added support for detailed error messages output to DBMonitor
  • Added ability to force record fetch for datasets open in FetchAll=False mode
  • Added ability to use the default login database if no database is assigned on connect
  • Improved color schema of syntax higlighting with SynEdit
  • Added the OnProgress event in TMSLoader
  • Optimized memory utilization when loading XML files by the TVirtualTable.LoadFromFile method
  • Added ability to send the DataSetChange event after dataset open
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed bug with using the Filter property for FindFirst and similar methods when Filtered is False
  • Fixed bug with calling First after changing UpdateRecordTypes in Edit mode
  • Fixed bug with Disconnected Model and Pooling
  • Fixed bug with commiting updates in CachedUpdates mode
  • Fixed Assert with TCRBatchMove and BLOB fields
  • Avoided design-time bug with UniSynEdit
  • Bug with save/load data to/from XML fixed
  • Fixed several bugs with NonBlocking
  • Fixed bug with RefreshQuick and master/detail relationships
Core Lab development team