SDAC and Teechart from Steema

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SDAC and Teechart from Steema

Post by SwissQual » Mon 18 Apr 2005 08:28

Hi Support,
I got the follwoing problem:

I create a new VCL-Win32 project in Delphi 2005 and add a TChart (Component from Steema Software,, Version 7.04) plus a TMSConnection. No other code or settings are done. Compiling and starting is not a problem, but if I try to exit the application it throws an exception EAccessViolation.
What is interesting is that it is depending on the order of the uses part
This is working :

TeeProcs, TeEngine, Chart, DB, DBAccess, MSAccess

while this is not working:

DB, DBAccess, MSAccess, TeeProcs, TeEngine, Chart

For a small project it propably could work if you check the order in all units, but it didn't work for my project. Is this a known bug?


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Post by Ikar » Mon 18 Apr 2005 13:15

It is an error of trial version that happens at first under OS with German locale. Now we are working on its fixing but couldn't tell you the exact terms. Users of Standard version have never informed us about similar problems.

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