Devart Excel Add-ins 2.4 are released!

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Devart Excel Add-ins 2.4 are released!

Post by Devart » Fri 12 Jun 2020 14:30

Dear users,

We proudly announce the release of Devart Excel Add-ins 2.4 — add-ins for Microsoft Excel that allow connecting Excel to cloud and database data, edit this data, and save it back to the data source. The new version of Excel Add-in for Dynamics CRM allows users to connect to Dynamics CRM using OAuth 2.0 authentication. Besides, there are also minor improvements in Excel Add-ins for Marketo and Shopify.

Here is the complete list of Devart Excel Add-ins 2.4.412 features:
  • Web Login for Dynamics CRM is supported
  • A relation with Partitions through 'leadPartitionId' on Lead records is added for Marketo
  • The fields InventoryQuantity, OldInventoryQuantity and InventoryQuantityAdjustment from the object ProductVariants are made read-only according to updates in Shopify API
  • A bug with invisible 'UniqueExternalId' field in Freshdesk Contact object is fixed (Freshesk)

Devart development team