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Random Characters Appearing after Data

Posted: Mon 19 Oct 2020 02:54
by PCh

I am using Devart ODBC Driver for PostgreSQL (server license, version 3.3.4.) to connect from SSMS to PostgreSQL. When I execute my query directly in pgAdmin I get the expected results. However when I run my query in SSMS using the ODBC driver, two additional characters or symbols are being added to the end of my expected results.

For example, in pgAdmin I get: Testing. END.

But in SSMS I get: Testing.

Each time I execute my query in SSMS (without changing my query) the additional characters will change, or occasionally won't be present at all.

I have been able to find a work around by selecting the length of my field and incorporating that into a substring:
SELECT substring(myfield,1,(length(myfield))) FROM mytable


Re: Random Characters Appearing after Data

Posted: Thu 22 Oct 2020 08:19
by oleg0k
Unfortunately, we couldn't reproduce the issue. Please specify the exact version of your PostgreSQL server and send us the DDL script for creating and populating tables used in your example. We also need the query that you're trying to run in SSMS.
Please send them through the form on our website:

wbr, Oleg
Devart Team