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Zoho CRM ODBC not Showing in Dbeaver

Posted: Thu 30 May 2019 22:38
by conekt
I downloaded a trial version of the Zoho CRM ODBC driver and got proof of functionality via LibreOffice, which loads tables as specified. I also got the #NAME error in MS Access that tended to confirm my connection, albeit flawed in that instance.

Yet in DBeaver, I do not see the driver presented in the list of drivers. DBeaver presents a generic ODBC driver but not the Devart Zoho ODBC driver.

I configured strings as ASCI as shown here:

How do I get the Devart Zoho CRM ODBC driver to show up in DBeaver?

Re: Zoho CRM ODBC not Showing in Dbeaver

Posted: Thu 06 Jun 2019 11:00
by MaximG
We tested how our driver works with DBeaver 6.0.5 and found no issues. Before starting DBeaver, we set the value of the "String Types" field to "Ansi" in DSN settings. Could you please specify the fields for which you couldn't retrieve data in your environment?