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NetSuite ODBC Driver and Custom Fields

Posted: Wed 03 Apr 2019 04:20
by tlsi2000
Using DevArt ODBC for NetSuite, and UniDAC with the NetSuiteProvider

I am not having success in accessing the custom fields for table InventoryItem.

the fields are defined correctly, and do appear [in another competing product] in the standard select of
select * from InventoryItem
as a pair of fields for each defined custom field: Color, Color_InternalId

In DevArt, the custom fields do not appear at all when selecting all fields, and if specifying a specific field the error returns
select type from InventoryItem
[DevArt][ODBC][NetSuite]Unknown column 'type'

I currently have two types of Custom Fields ( customFieldType in table CustomFields )

Neither type of Custom fields are returned

In the TUniConnection component the Options for 'CustomFields' and 'CustomTables' are both set to 'True'.

In NetSuite itself, these fields appear under the Item 'Attributes' section

Re: NetSuite ODBC Driver and Custom Fields

Posted: Wed 03 Apr 2019 15:25
by MaximG
Please specify whether you use the Sandbox option in the connection settings of our driver in your environment, Please try retrieving data of the requited fields with the Sandbox option enabled.
Please describe the exact actions that you perform when creating Custom Fields. Please also provide a screenshot (Custom Item Fields window) showing the fields you added. For this, it is convenient to use the e-support form (