Salesforce ODBC Unable to login

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Salesforce ODBC Unable to login

Post by EnvisionIT » Mon 12 Mar 2018 05:23

We are going to convert our existing CRM / MSSql software to Salesforce. I will be using the ODBC driver to import the data.

I created a developer account to test with, and have approved my IP address in the setup.

I got my User ID from the string ... redirect=1 (everything after the / and before the ?

I reset my security token

I select Production (, my userid, my password and Security Token and when I try test connection I get:

"[Devart][ODBC][Salesforce]Invalid username, password, security token; or user locked out"

I've triple checked and my values are correct! Is there some other security options I have to enable in Salesforce to enable ODBC access?

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Re: Salesforce ODBC Unable to login

Post by MaximG » Mon 12 Mar 2018 12:06

To connect to Salesforce using our driver, it's enough to use three parameters: "User ID", "Password" and "Security Token". First, check the first two parameters correctness. For this, use your "User ID" and "Password" to sign in to the page. In case of successful authentication on this page, use the instruction specified in our documentation
( ) and get a new value for "Security Token" again. After that, specify all three parameters in the DSN settings of our driver.

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