MSS Stored procedure call "Must declare @p0"

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MSS Stored procedure call "Must declare @p0"

Post by dgood » Fri 06 Oct 2017 16:00

SQL Server : 2016

I am evaluating the driver and hoping to move to DEVART ODBC driver from SQL Server ODBC driver (V13) to improve performance of application.

The following code works fine with SQL Server ODBC driver, but not with DEVART.

Im using ODBC to call a stored procedure as follows

Code: Select all


SQLBindParameter return value (OUTPUT)
SQLBindParameter X 3 for INPUT PARAMS
SQLBindParameter for last OUTPUT parameter

SQLExecDirect("{? = call MYPROC(?,?,?,?)}");
At SQLExecDirect, I get message

"[Devart][ODBC][Microsoft SQL Server]Must declare the scalar variable "@p0"."

Im not using a @p0.
Any ideas on what might cause this.


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Re: MSS Stored procedure call "Must declare @p0"

Post by azyk » Tue 10 Oct 2017 07:53

Thank you for the information.

We reproduced the specified issue and fixed it. This fix will be included in the next build of our driver. If you want to get this fix before the official release, use the contact form at our site: and send us the email address where we can send a night build of the driver.

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