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Oracle Unicode Encoding

Posted: Fri 14 Jul 2017 05:14
by julius
Request assistance please.
I am using Oracle 11g Enterprise server and my development platform is version 10, Windows 7 (x64) O/S.
Using Devart ODBC driver for Oracle I am updating my data table with the query below:

Code: Select all

UPDATE MyDataTable SET Field01= N'n''e''w在当今这个电', Field02= N'test在当今这个电' WHERE Id=124
Field01 and Field02 are both NVARCHAR2 data types.
There are no errors, but the chinese characters are replaced with question mark (?).
When I try the same query above on
Oracle SQL Developer
, the table is updated correctly.

How could I properly store Unicode characters to Oracle using Devart ODBC driver.

Thank you.

Re: Oracle Unicode Encoding

Posted: Fri 14 Jul 2017 14:16
by MaximG
Thank you for the information. We are investigating the issue and will inform you as soon as any results are available.