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Zoho ODBC, "&" character gets changed

Posted: Tue 02 May 2017 18:49
by haojiang11

When I execute an INSERT or UPDATE through Zoho ODBC that has a value of "&", it translates "&" to "&" For example:
UPDATE Accounts SET "Account Name" = 'Smith & Sons"
I found the Account Name becomes "Smith & Sons" in Zoho.
However, if I edit the Account Name in the Zoho website and type in "Smith & Sons", the "&" character does not get changed, and remains "&".

Is there a way to stop this ODBC behavior, and let the & character remain as &?

I found this also happens to double quote, "<" and ">" characters.

Thank you.

Re: Zoho ODBC, "&" character gets changed

Posted: Thu 04 May 2017 10:45
by MaximG
Thank you for the information. We reproduced the problem and fixed this error. The fix will be included in the next ODBC Driver for Zoho CRM build. If necessary, we can send you a night build of the driver that includes this fix. You can send the request in this case using the e-support form : ( - menu "Support"\"Request Support" )