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Netsuite ODBC driver performance slow

Posted: Wed 08 Feb 2017 23:43
by marciow1
I just downloaded and installed the Netsuite ODBC driver last night and I'm using it with PHP. Performance is very slow to the point that most queries time out. Only when querying tables with small number of items, I get a result. For instance, a SELECT count(*) FROM InventoryItem takes 45 seconds. A SELECT * FROM InventoryItem takes a minute. This table has 3,587 records. A SELECT count(*) FROM Customer times out. This table has 64K+ records.

Is there something wrong with my set up, or is the Netsuite database that slow? I'm used to these exact same queries to return a result immediately when running against a mySQL or MSSQL database, using PHP and the ODBC driver for mySQL or MSSQL.

Re: Netsuite ODBC driver performance slow

Posted: Fri 31 Mar 2017 12:57
by MaximG
We will check our driver performance when working in PHP environment. For this provide the exact PHP version which you are using.