Zoho CRM ODBC Driver and UniDac

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Zoho CRM ODBC Driver and UniDac

Post by maurix » Mon 31 Oct 2016 22:26

I'm trying to connect to Zoho CRM using UniDac in Delphi 10.1 Berlin. I setup the API Token in the ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog and the test run successfully.

As soon as I try to connect via TUniConnection I receive the following error:
exception class : EUniError
exception message : [Devart][ODBC][Zoho CRM]Connection parameter name is unknown: PWD.

The connetion string is in UniConnection is:
"Provider Name=ODBC;Server=Devart Zoho Driver;User ID=user@mail.com;Password=apassword;DetectFieldsOnPrepare=True"

I also tried to set the connection string in the way you suggested in the Documentation:

But It seems I cannot use "Uid" or "Pwd" or "SecurityToken".

What's wrong?


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Re: Zoho CRM ODBC Driver and UniDac

Post by AlexP » Tue 01 Nov 2016 09:41


To connect with Zoho you need to input only SecurityToken. A password and a login are needed to access the site. In UniDAC you can just select a configured DSN.

P. S. We will fix our documentation in the near future

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