Meet the Release of Devart ODBC Driver for SQL Azure

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Meet the Release of Devart ODBC Driver for SQL Azure

Post by Devart » Mon 31 Aug 2015 12:45

Dear users,

Devart team is proud to introduce ODBC Driver for SQL Azure in our product line - ODBC Drivers.

The most significant features in this version are:
  • Direct Mode - allows to connect to your databases directly via TCP/IP avoiding DB client software, thus simplifying application deployment process and increasing performance.
  • Driver fully supports standard ODBC API functions and data types, multiple server data types and features.
  • Advanced connection string parameters provided to allow any desktop and web applications to access databases from various environments and platforms, that support ODBC.
  • Full Unicode support provides capacity to interpret Unicode function calls without the intervention of the Driver Manager.
  • Advanced data conversion from DBMS data types to native ODBC data types.
  • Support for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms.
You can try the new version here: If you wish to provide feedback on the new version, you can do it using a feedback form in the support zone of the product. We are always glad to have your comments and take into account your development needs.