ODBC Driver for Firebird: SQL Error

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ODBC Driver for Firebird: SQL Error

Post by oHenri » Wed 19 Aug 2015 17:02

Up to now we are using the Firebird/ODBC for accessing a firebird DB from a Centura program.

Worked more or less - but it did not insert (text) data into BLOBs.

Now I found and tried the Devart ODBC for Firebird (trial version 32Bit on W2008R2)
By using the same program
- connection works (by using sysdba)
- but "insert" as well as "update or insert" fails with SQL error 30000 which I did'nt found anywhere.

Did anyone have this ODBC driver running?

Thanks in advance for any tips or help.

Devart Team
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Re: ODBC Driver for Firebird: SQL Error

Post by AlexP » Thu 20 Aug 2015 08:04


Please specify the text or a screenshot of the error message.

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Re: ODBC Driver for Firebird: SQL Error

Post by oHenri » Fri 28 Aug 2015 11:47

Now I can state the problem more precisely - and I found two problems

1) Handling of Timestamp fields
DB Field: Timestamp
PG Field: Date/Time (which is in Centura programs the equivalence to Timestamp)
Read into program: only Date portion handed over, time portion is lost.
Write into program: produces an SQL error
Dynamic SQL Error SQL error code = -303
conversion error from string ""

This handling (of real date/time fields used on programs side), however, works with Firebird's ODBC (Version 2.0.3)

When I handover the date/time in a string, then it works - but I ask me about problems of different date/time format specifications on the client side.

So from my point of view, correct date/time handling (which is then independened from local format settings) would be the best for proper operation.

2) Handling of BLOBs
By using Firebird's ODBC (Version 2.0.3), BLOB handling does not work - at most, strings are cut after about 200 bytes or so (read and write).
That's the reason why I want to try the Devart ODBC.
But the Devart ODBC also cuts long strings - in transfers more bytes, about 300 or so, but still not the whole string of about 2-8KB.

Here I am not shure if the problem is located on the programs-ODBC or on the DB-ODBC side.

To find out this, I will try out next week an ODBC to SQL Server to see how it works.

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Re: ODBC Driver for Firebird: SQL Error

Post by ViktorV » Wed 30 Mar 2016 13:57

Please download the latest driver version 2.0.1 and try to reproduce the issue again. If the error reproduces on the latest driver version, please send us a link to download a trial version of Centura for compatibility testing.

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