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Attribute mapping multiple inheritance

Posted: Wed 02 Jan 2019 22:17
by rogerscruton.learner
Is there a way to build a Table-per-Type multiple inheritance (role like relationship) through attribute-mapping objects approach?

For example, let's suppose we have a base class TEmployee and subclasses which corresponds to two roles: TManager and TProjectLeader. One employee can be both an manager and a project leader or can be only a manager or can be just an employee. If an employee is deleted, related records in manager and project leader tables must be deleted. If a record of the role tables is deleted, the employee record must be preserved.


Re: Attribute mapping multiple inheritance

Posted: Fri 10 May 2019 14:11
by MaximG
Our product works exactly according to the description that you have sent us. If you encounter any difficulties with implenting the necessary behavior, please send us additional infromation, e.g. the model and code sample you are using via e-support form: