Cascade deleting one-to-one linked entities

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Cascade deleting one-to-one linked entities

Post by AvoiDFaTE » Tue 02 Oct 2018 04:09


Using Delphi XE5 and EntityDAC 2.0.1.

I have two entities linked one-to-one:

Project( Id, Name, ... ) and ProjectSchedule ( Id, ProjectId, ... );

In general schedule's fields may be easily inluded in Project table but I separated it for further possible needs. So, in Entity Developer I linked them as one-to-one relationship with Cascade=True and Delete_Rule=Cascade. Ok. But when I try

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project.DeleteAndSave( True );
I get and DB exception: FK violated. Child record found.

But if I change relationship to one-to-many the same works fine. But in this case access to schedule looks like

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which is really terrible.

How to cascade delete one-to-one related entities?

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Re: Cascade deleting one-to-one linked entities

Post by MaximG » Wed 03 Oct 2018 09:45

We tested the work of EntityDAC 2.0.1 according to your description and found no issues. Please compose and send us a simplest sample, in which the issue occurs. In addition, we will need the model (*. enml) and the DDL script to create tables used in this sample. For your convenience, please use the e-support form (

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