Linq Select return a few fields

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Linq Select return a few fields

Post by rodrigobarbosa » Wed 16 Mar 2016 17:54

I´ve been trying to performe a query using linq and can´t maky it to return class with only few fields.

my Table looks like
Project {Id: Integer, Name:String, Description:String, Extra:String, Other:String }

Code: Select all

Query := Linq.From(Context['Project'])
                     .Select([Context['Project']['Id'], Context['Project']['Name']]);
List := Context.GetEntities<Project>(Query);
It returns my project class fully loaded. Am I doing something wrong?
Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Linq Select return a few fields

Post by AlexP » Thu 17 Mar 2016 05:49


The problem is not reproduced using the latest version and demo sample. Please send your model and a sample to support*devart*com .

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