Possible bugs

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Possible bugs

Post by AudioPat » Wed 30 Dec 2015 13:55


In this post, we will post same possible other bugs:

1) Getting the list from a reference table:
When you have created a assosciation between to objects(tables) and the new Entity is created with the Context.CreateEntity<TEntity> function, a acces violation is throwed when you call a property of function from the Referencedata.(The asscoscation table RelatieAdres is exists and not nil).

Create the new entity:

Load the assosciation table:

This throw the acces violation now:

When you create the new entity with the Context.CreateAttachedEntity, you can get the assosciation table without problems.

2) Getting data from a reference table property(When the assosciation is OneToOne):
When you call a entity with a assosciation table for the first time with a linq query, it's works fine:

The entity is TMove. the assosciation table is Container.
The variable 'aMoveID' is 4 (primary key).

We can call the assosciation table and his property with succes:

When you call the same function with a another ID, a Delphi Exception(EAssertionFalid) is throwed.
The variable 'aMoveID' is 3 (primary key).

Table view:
The problem is maybe that are two records with a container ID with '1'.

3) RTTI:
When you use the RTTI functions like GetPropInfo(Entity.ClassInfo, 'PropName'), you get always a nil pointer.

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Re: Possible bugs

Post by AlexP » Fri 15 Jan 2016 13:36


1) Thank you. The problem is reproduced and fixed.
2) The problem is not reproduced. Please send your model to support*devat*com
3) The GetPropInfo function returns information about published properties only.

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