Entityconnection & Firebird

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Entityconnection & Firebird

Post by michaschumann » Tue 22 Dec 2015 10:30

I just bought Entitydac for redesigning a huge VCL application (already using UniDac) to ORM and Firemonkey. I don't know how to connect to firebird as it always searches for gds32.dll. Of course I can rename the lib but I am sure there is a way like in UniDac to supply dll and also port in the connection string. I found one in the forum for IBDac but connection attempts complain about unknown parameter "Client Library":

DB.ConnectionString :=
'Data Provider=UNIDAC;SQL Dialect=Firebird;Data Source=localhost;' +
'User ID=sysdba;Password=masterkey;Client Library=fbclient.dll;" +

UPDATE: Works like a charm if I omit "Client Library" parameter. Port parameter works. For any reason it did not work by filling out the connection form in the IDE.

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Re: Entityconnection & Firebird

Post by AlexP » Tue 22 Dec 2015 11:45

You should also specify the provider name in the connection string, in your case -

Code: Select all

and add the InterBaseUniProvider module.

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