Handling requirement changes

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Handling requirement changes

Post by chkaufmann » Thu 07 May 2015 06:38

I just looked at the demos and documentation of EntityDAC. For one thing I didn't find a lot, let's call it "incremental development".

We are often faced with the fact of incomplete specifications. So with each release we have to do changes like add/drop an attribute to an object or change the attribute itself (e.g. length).

Is there support for that other than complete regenerate of the database?

Or do I have to do the changes in my object model and create the database DDL update code myself?

cu Christian

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Re: Handling requirement changes

Post by AlexP » Wed 13 May 2015 09:35


If you modify the model, you should update the database from model in order to apply changes to the database: Main Menu->Model->Update DataBase from Model. At this, there will be generated scripts for updated objects and properties only.

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