Tutorial and Express-Edition

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Tutorial and Express-Edition

Post by Lemmy » Wed 08 Oct 2014 07:49


I tried it twice: First in August and a few days ago with the current release:

I want to implement the Express-Tutorial of EntityDAC (found in EntityDAC.pdf - Creating my First Application with Express Edition). But always if I copy-paste the code to my Model-Unit T*Attribute (TIntegerAttribute,...) is unkown. I put every unit I found in entityDac to the uses - but nothing works.

I wrote two questions to Support and get no answer. Can anybody help me?

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Re: Tutorial and Express-Edition

Post by AlexP » Wed 08 Oct 2014 08:39


We have changed class attribute types. Now, for not null attributes scalar types are used: Integer, String, etc. For attributes, which can be Null, the types described in the EntityDAC.NullableTypes module (IntegerNullable, StringNullable) are used.

P.S. We will correct the help in the next version.

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