TEntityXMLModel issue with documentary comments

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TEntityXMLModel issue with documentary comments

Post by ianw01 » Fri 19 Sep 2014 15:03

Hello, there seems to be a bug in the parsing of the model xml code when attempting to set the FileName property of a TEntityXMLModel component if fields in any of the tables have documentation long description or summary attributes set. Whether there are already documentary comments set on importing the table structure from the database into the model, or you set the values in the property inspector of the Entity Developer, when you attempt to assign the xxxx.Mapping.xml filename to a TEntityXMLModel component on a data module you get the following exception:

Exception ESerializerException in Module xxxx.exe at <hex address>
A <Column Name> attribute is missing or empty.

This is with Entity Developer EntityDAC v. 5.7.412


To recreate the problem simply use the EntityDAC\Demos\EntityDemo and, using Entity Developer, set a value for either documentation property of a field/column in one of the tables; validate, generate code and then attempt to set the FileName property of an EntityXMLModel component on the data module - this should trigger an exception.

Unfortunately I have a lot of tables in my projects that have descriptions on columns :cry:

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Re: TEntityXMLModel issue with documentary comments

Post by AlexP » Mon 22 Sep 2014 11:53


We cannot reproduce the problem. Please send your model to alexp*devart*com .

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