Stored procedures + Save entity

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Stored procedures + Save entity

Post by cselod87 » Wed 02 Jul 2014 14:08

Hi, I've been testing EntityDAC trial, I would like to ask if it supports stored procedure mapping?
I'm using firebird database, FireDAC/IBX provider and I have some problems:
- I'm getting error when trying to Save an entity using FireDAC provider, with IBX looks to be ok
- "Transaction is active" error appears when I'm calling SubmitChanges on context (IBX and FireDAC too).
Thank you!

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Re: Stored procedures + Save entity

Post by AlexP » Thu 03 Jul 2014 09:35


No, EntityDAC doesn't support stored procedure mapping. Please send your project reproducing the problem, including scripts for creating database objects, schema xml file to alexp*debart*com , in order for us to be able to reproduce the problem.

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