Complex Types don't produce any code

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Complex Types don't produce any code

Post by gregors613 » Fri 11 Apr 2014 18:08

I've added a few complex types and there are no definitions anywhere in the generated code so there are lots of undefined types and nothing builds


Create a complex type AccPacIdType which contains a single property that is a string mapped to a sql server varchar(50). The generated code looks like this for a mapped entity that contains this type

TCustomer = class(TMappedEntity)
FAccPacID: TAccPacIdTypeAttribute;
function GetAccPacID: AccPacIdType;
procedure SetAccPacID(const Value: AccPacIdType);

but there is no definition for AccPacIdType

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Re: Complex Types don't produce any code

Post by AlexP » Mon 14 Apr 2014 12:00


For the time being, EntityDAC doesn't support Complex Types. We plan to implement support for such types in the nearest future

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