Error on run

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Error on run

Post by bnbaliga » Wed 03 Jul 2019 21:14

Trying to run the Linq Insight in my project and running in to error - Can someone help, I am sure I am doing something silly.

public override IQueryable<Model.ARMTerm> GetById(long id, bool includeInactive = false, bool toUpdate = false)
return GetDbContext(toUpdate).Get<Model.ARMTerm>(w => w.ARMTermID == id);

Error thrown

Message: Queries not found in method 'GetById'.
Type: System.InvalidOperationException
Source: Devart.LinqInsight.Roslyn
Site: PrepareInternal
Stack Trace:
at lwbFPyXmkMu3Ua0YJQ.vILkmhsnM5AwjsRPcP.PrepareInternal(SourceCodeInfo , CancellationToken , String )
at Devart.LinqInsight.Implementation.QueryExecutor.LP2zgEvsi()
at Devart.LinqInsight.Implementation.QueryExecutor.qNajypvdy()
at Devart.LinqInsight.Implementation.QueryExecutor.<>c__DisplayClass59_0.<StartNewTask>b__0()

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Re: Error on run

Post by Shalex » Tue 09 Jul 2019 18:08

Thank you for your report. We will notify you when the issue is fixed.

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