double-nested tables

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double-nested tables

Post by jdorlon » Fri 26 Mar 2021 20:24


If a nested table contains another nested table, I am getting an error from ODAC. It is very easy to reproduce.

Delphi Version 10.1
ODAC Version: 10.3.1
Oracle Server: 19.0
Oracle client: 19.1

Code: Select all

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  sess: TOraSession;
  qry: TSmartQuery;
  nt: TOraNestedTable;
  sess := TOraSession.Create(nil);
  qry := TSmartQuery.Create(nil);
  nt := TOraNestedTable.Create(nil);

  sess.username := 'my_user_name';
  sess.password := 'secret';
  sess.server := 'my_19c_database';
  sess.loginprompt := false;
  sess.connected := true;
  qry.Session := sess;
  qry.ObjectView := true;
  qry.sql.add('SELECT COLLECT(tab) as ctab');
  qry.sql.add('FROM  (SELECT NEW sys.ora_mining_number_nt(1) tab');
  qry.sql.add('       FROM dual)');;
  if qry.FieldByName('CTAB').DataType = ftDataSet then
    nt.DataSetField := TDataSetField(qry.FieldByName('CTAB'));;

The error is: "Unknown data type ....OraObjects.pas, line 7019".

FTable.ItemType is dtTable but that is not handled.



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Re: double-nested tables

Post by MaximG » Fri 02 Apr 2021 13:33

Thank you for the information. We have reproduced the issue and will investigate its origin. We will inform you about the results shortly.

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