TOraquery astring problem.

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TOraquery astring problem.

Post by Tony49 » Tue 02 Jul 2019 09:22


I use ODAC v 6.90 component to query Oracle database. I have problem with BCB2010 (no problem with BCB5).
I also tried with v 10.4 (trial version) : i have the same problem.

When i send the result of my query to a function i have an Assertion failed error (... errPtr-> ERRcInitDtc > = varType ....) in concatenation operation.

pOraQuery->SQL->Add(" SELECT col1, col2 from mytable");

UnicodeString sCol1 = "";
UnicodeString sCol2 = "";
while (!pOraQuery->Eof)
test(pOraQuery->FieldByName("col1")->AsString, pOraQuery->FieldByName("col2")->AsString); //Assertion failed error

/*sCol1 = pOraQuery->FieldByName("col1")->AsString;
sCol2 = pOraQuery->FieldByName("col2")->AsString;
test(sCol1, sCol2); //no error*/


void test(UnicodeString s1, UnicodeString s2)
UnicodeString s3 = s1+" "+s2;

Can you help me please.

Devart Team
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Re: TOraquery astring problem.

Post by MaximG » Tue 02 Jul 2019 15:14

We've tested the operation of ODAC according to your description and haven't identified any issues. Please send us a sample demonstrating the issue so that we could further research it. Additionally, we need the DLL script that creates tables and a sample table with data. You may use the e-support form on our website to upload the sample

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