Proxy User Connections

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Proxy User Connections

Post by paulzip » Mon 14 May 2018 09:28

Oracle provides the ability to create lightweight Proxy Users, which can connect to Oracle via another Target User. This avoids things like having to create lots of private synonyms, manage privileges for every Proxy User, meaning you can create thousands of proxy users as application users with little overhead. Another core benefit of Proxy Users is they should NEVER need to know target user's login password credential, so that you can simply login using the Proxy User's credentials.

In SQL*Plus, this is in the form..
conn proxy_user[target_user]/password@server

Notice that target_user's password is NOT required to make this connection.

I've seen you have a ProxySession demo, but this seems flawed and doesn't follow Oracle's design and documentation about NOT having to know target user's PW. In your demo you need to know the target user's password and connect twice, one for the target user session and one for the proxy connecting to it. How can I use ODAC to achieve correct proxy user connectivity as per Oracle's design and like you can in SQL*Plus, SQL Developer, TOAD etc. etc. (without Target User's password)?

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Re: Proxy User Connections

Post by MaximG » Tue 15 May 2018 08:11

You can connect as a Proxy User to ODAC when using OCI Mode. For example:

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          OraSession.ConnectString := 'Data Source=server;User ID=proxy_user[target_user];Password=password';

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