Oracle 12.2 client: Cant't initialize OCI. Error -1

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Oracle 12.2 client: Cant't initialize OCI. Error -1

Post by Agamemnon » Tue 20 Mar 2018 09:59


I get this error when trying to open a query via ORACLE 12.2 client (32 bit). Connecting of TOraSession works, additionally I can see the session in the database. But when I try to open a query, the message appears.

When I use an ORACLE 11.2 Client (32 bit) on a different machine, everything works fine.

System information:
C++ Builder 10.1 Berlin
ODAC version 10.1.4 for RAD Studio 10.1
Oracle Call Interface
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard Version 10.0.14393

Nothing special in TOraSession:

object ODAC_Session: TOraSession
Options.UseUnicode = True
Options.DateFormat = 'YYYY-MM-DD'
Options.DateLanguage = 'GERMAN'
Options.EnableIntegers = False
Username = 'sysadm'
Server = 'deoratest2'
LoginPrompt = False
AfterConnect = ODAC_SessionAfterConnect
BeforeConnect = ODAC_SessionBeforeConnect
AfterDisconnect = ODAC_SessionAfterDisconnect
Left = 64

Has anybody an idea what is wrong here?


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Re: Oracle 12.2 client: Cant't initialize OCI. Error -1

Post by inigojoseph » Tue 20 Mar 2018 11:28

I am trying to connect Oracle 10g database server from my client PC using toad 10 Commercial. I have Oracle 10g installed in my PC. When I try to connect, it gives error Can't initialize OCI.Error -1 . So far I am able to perform tnsping to the oracle server. I have all the settings working in my tnsnames.ora. java training in chennai

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Re: Oracle 12.2 client: Cant't initialize OCI. Error -1

Post by MaximG » Tue 20 Mar 2018 14:31

Please make sure that the Oracle Client you are using is configured correctly. For this, configure it to use
the server you are interested in and check the correctness of the used parameters using any convenient Oracle utility (for example, SQL*Plus or Oracle SQL Developer). In addition, make sure that the bitness of the application you are developing and the Oracle Client that you are using are the same

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