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Visual Studio 2022

Posted: Mon 15 Nov 2021 11:23
by AnDrey11
Hi, we use review assistant in VS 2019 but since hopping over to VS 2022 our Review Assistant toolbar does not load anymore which is halting our adoption.

The extension shows as enabled in Vs 2022. We have run a devenv /log to see the output from startup and the plugin is showing a load problem with Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.10.0.dll

Any solutions? Thanks.

Re: Visual Studio 2022

Posted: Wed 15 Dec 2021 15:51
by sbone
Not sure how you got it to show up in VS2022 as even being enabled without hacking around a bit. VS2022 is 64 bit and some of the techniques used in extensions in prior versions (which used 32-bit COM behind the scenes) are not easily moved to VS2022. There may be more effort required to move it to 2022 than you may think.

That said, recent posts in this forum (and also Code Compare) have been responded to with:
Development is complex and creative work. In spite of our willingness to continue expanding our product, we must evaluate our efforts, and currently, we do not develop Review Assistant actively.
DevArt has not marked the product with this status on their product page, and will continue to gladly take your money for license renewals, however. I also do not know if folks that buy VS2022 can downgrade and also have VS2019 to continue using Review Assistant. Having two versions of VS to move between for your workflow is sub-par anyway.

I'd love to get more than the form letter in response to this request here. We are considering expanding use of this tool to other business units which means we need to buy more seats (the bundle with Code Compare). If it will not at least receive minimal updates to maintain functionality on newer versions of its dependencies, we will use alternative solutions. And we need to decide very soon if we move off this tool or not as our license renewal is coming up.

Re: Visual Studio 2022

Posted: Fri 07 Jan 2022 21:40
by MichaelS
We are having the same issue. There are features in VS2022 that we want to use but can't because Review Assistant throws an error in VS2022. I sent an automated email error report to devart support with the error.