Pre-commit Policy can't find open or closed reviews

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Pre-commit Policy can't find open or closed reviews

Post by fidelis_RA_Manager » Thu 12 May 2016 07:17

We're thinking about using devart Review Assistant in our company so I was given the task to check if it can fit our needs. We are currently using TFS 2010 and VS 2010.

I installed the RA 3.2 on a test server (Windows 2012 server), then I installed a trial-installation of tfs2010 locally on my Win7-machine (as we don't have any free server with a compatible OS, tfs2010 doesn't seem to run on Win2012).
I configurated tfs and RA, I imported users, my VS connects to tfs and RA, I installed the pre-commit policy, and everything seems to be in working order.

So I try checking in a c#-class I created, the policy informs me correctly that there's no review. Double Click and I get my review. I click create and there's the review in the Code Review Board.

And there's my problem: If I try checking in the file again the system doesn't recognize that there's already an open review. Instead it displays the exact same message and let's me create another review. And so on....

Does anyone have an idea why RA can't seem to find the created Reviews?

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Re: Pre-commit Policy can't find open or closed reviews

Post by Artem » Fri 13 May 2016 13:51

Thank you for informing us about the problem. We will release a build with a fix in the nearest future.

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