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License Question

Post by dfmartin » Mon 17 Aug 2015 19:26

I purchased a 5 user license. I am unable to add 5 users. It would seem to be counting the administrator account as a user in that 5 users. I believe there was another post with an "answer" that would seem to imply that renaming the administrator account would "solve" the issue.

1. Just want to confirm that is the issue.
2. Confirm that is the "answer"
3. Confirm that purchasing a license for 5 users does NOT allow for me to add 5 active directory accounts as one might reasonably assume.

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Re: License Question

Post by Duke » Mon 31 Aug 2015 12:52

At the moment, the only solution to add 5 users is to rename Admin account. Unfortunately, it can not be an Active Directory user.

In the next version of Review Assistant (ETA 1 month), Admin account will occupy a license only if it becomes a project member, so you will be able to add all users from Active Directory.

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