Trying to add users via Active Directory hangs

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Trying to add users via Active Directory hangs

Post by shusak » Thu 30 Jul 2015 12:42

I'm trying to add a user to Review Assistant, and it hangs Visual Studio when I click the Active Directory... link in the Users page of the options. The dialog to add users doesn't even come up and when I click on Visual Studio again it becomes a disabled window and Task Manager reports it as "not responding". I've tried shutting down the Review Assistant Server and rebooting machines but this happens every single time. Sometimes if I just leave it for a long time, some timeout appears to occur and I can add the user, but today it isn't even timing out.

What can I do to diagnose and/or fix this issue?

I should add when this happens it seems no clients can use and/or connect to Review Assistant Server.


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