Popup Notification doesn't also link to changes

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Popup Notification doesn't also link to changes

Post by lordneeko » Tue 26 May 2015 13:49

The Popup notifier is nice and we rely on this feature to know when there are changes to a review.

However, the "View" button doesn't really seem to do anything most of the time. Sometimes, it will switch your Focus to the Visual Studio application, sometimes it might even unhide the Code Review Board pane, but it never takes you to the review where the change occurs and it never gives any indication of the actual change that was made.

Please consider some changes to this popup.

For instance, perhaps the popup could actually have the title of the review(s) which had a change.
Additionally, clicking the "View" link should take me to the exact review, and, ideally, highlight all of the changes which are new for that refresh in some very noticeable way.

Another nice feature would simply be to highlight changes in the Code Review Board. The "Mark read / Mark Unread" function is not really helpful. #1 It is hard to tell the difference. #2 I can read a comment without right clicking it and select "Mark read"

So really, every refresh, anything that is different from the previous refresh should be highlighted.

This would be done in all three of the Code Review Board panes.

The Reviews listing, The Review Details, and the Review Comments.

Thank you!

By the way, I put this here because I consider it a bug, not a new feature. The current feature for notification of changes does not work, in my opinion.

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