Upgrade Review Assistant Server from 2.5.282 to 2.6.379

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Upgrade Review Assistant Server from 2.5.282 to 2.6.379

Post by devartclientuser » Fri 21 Nov 2014 09:08

I hope you can share experiences with me.
We plan to upgrade Review Assistant 2.5.282 to 2.6.379 server side.
However, we are not sure if there is any unexpected issues happen after the upgrade.
Server OS WinEnt2008R264bit(Have valid client licenses) Client OS Win7Ent64bit(Mixed VS2008 and VS2013)
1) After client upgrade, on existing project settings, will there be any data lost? Permission issue?

Helpful information from Devart Support:
Q:What happen if we need to roll back to older version. Is it possible?
You can rollback to the previous version by uninstalling the new and installing the old one. The procedure is similar to the one described in docs - http://www.devart.com/review-assistant/ ... erver.html
BUT you lose all data added to the database after the upgrade, because the database downgrade is not supported. You can only take the backed-up .db file.

Q:Also, do client need to upgrade their version after Server upgrade too?
If the server and the client become incompatible after the upgrade/downgrade on either side you get an error while trying to connect to the server. That's how you know you need to upgrade the other side of the system.

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