Can't login after pw change, now can add users

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Can't login after pw change, now can add users

Post by JimW » Fri 18 Apr 2014 10:58

I sent this to and haven't heard back for two days. Usually you guys are good about responding, so I'll try this.

I recently changed my AD password, and now get “Invalid Credentials” when logging into RA. I restarted the service, did Update from Active Directory” in RA, and nothing seemed to help. (all logged in as Admin). Finally, I deleted my account in the attempt to re-add it, but even though we have a 10 user license and there are 9 users, it says “Current license does not allow you to add more users.” Looking at the license page, I see three licenses:

1) Paid, 10 users, unlimited days, "The subscription does not extend to the current product version"
2) Trial, unlimited users, expired
3) Free, 3, unlimited

Does this mean we installed a server version not supported? If so what version does my license support? Why did it allow me to get into this situation? Should I have somehow deleted the other licenses? Please advise.

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Re: Can't login after pw change, now can add users

Post by AlexeyN » Fri 18 Apr 2014 12:43

Please take a look at your e-mail. I have answered there.

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