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Suggest New Featues Here

Post by Duke » Fri 04 Apr 2014 14:39

Hi All,

Want to suggest a cool new feature for Review Assistant?

Post it here

Also, vote for other features on our UserVoice forum.

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Re: Suggest New Featues Here

Post by dannil » Mon 04 Jan 2016 23:35

1. Add the ability to attach defect or bug #s from bug tracking systems. I know you can enter this manually in the title of the review or in comments, but it would be great if it was a separate field to allow easy lookups, filtering, etc.

2. Publish the web API to the server component so we can write custom interfaces. For example, we might want to create a web interface to allow non-windows users to participate in a review.

3. Allow some system for triggered activities based on reviews being closed, accepted, or rejected. For example, we might want to update our revision log information with the details, add notes to a bug tracking system, or fire off an automated testing process.

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Re: Suggest New Featues Here

Post by kevinma » Wed 09 Mar 2016 13:26

We're just migrating from Perforce to Git and we have been wandering a couple of things.

1) Why does RA require a git working directory, could it not be configured to work with bare repos. Our checkout is about 1.8GB, but the bare repo is only about 500MB.

2) When we try and view diffs in a review that we don't have locally, ie we have forgotten to do "git fetch --all" we get a message box with an error, would it not be possible to configure RA to do a git fetch --all if it can't find the commit hash, and only display the error if this fails. (You would have to prompt for auth info to do the fetch I guess, but you do the same for perforce currently I think)

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Re: Suggest New Featues Here

Post by CCericolaCDB » Tue 29 Mar 2016 21:13

Can we get a feature the emails us on new revisions? Currently, you can receive emails for new reviews, comments, approval, etc but nothing when a new revision is added.